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We offer a free consultation and test patch for all laser treatments, book one to discuss your options of having this Expert treatment.

Before: Shave are area to be treated, ensure you have not had any recent sun exposure within the past 4 weeks, and or that you have not started any new medications that may affect your skin, book in for a consultation with us to make sure you are a good candidate for laser hair removal

After: No heat in the area such as excessive exercise, spa's/sauna's or hot showers (on the area being treated). No active lotions for at least 3 days. After 2 weeks following your treatment you may notice your treated hairs starting to fall out, just let them fall out naturally and don’t pluck or wax in between treatments. Keep the area of skin hydrated with lotion and protected with SPF

Waxing treatments are recommended for clients with unwanted hair and the results will generally last four to six weeks, depending on your own hair growth cycle. Waxing is not recommended for anyone on Roaccutane or other types of skin-thinning medications. If you are unsure please check with your doctor prior to your appointment.

We use a combination of hot wax and strip wax dependant on the areae.g for leg, arm, backs and chests we use stripwaxing 

For all other areas we use a gentle hot waxing system, our policy is we don’t double dip so that spatula will only touch your skin once, your safety and health is the utmost importance to us.


Yes, during pregnancy your hormones are at play, we like to treat a mother to be to only our bespoke and some Expert facials that are going to help you maintain your skin health during this time, rather than try correcting what may be just temporary hormonal concerns. It is still vital to continue to care for your skin to prevent any further potential damage caused from hormonal issues.

What better treatment to have than a relaxing massage while you are pregnant. In order to have a pregnancy massage you must be in your second or third trimester and have had limited complications during your pregnancy. Any serious conditions will require written consent from your midwife and or Doctor before proceeding.

These eyelash extensions look and feel completely natural. We use a light faux mink lashes here at Exquisite. Our full set consists of filling in every eyelash and applying as many lashes as possible in the time frame allocated for the set you booked for.

Our half sets include filling in every second to third eyelash with lashes generally fuller at the outsides, feathering them in to the insides of the eyelashes. They last between two to five weeks, depending on your own individual lash growth cycle and when your own natural lashes fall out, and then you can expect to need an infill, infills are to be expected every 2-3 weeks depending on each individual.


Aftercare: Avoid getting your eyelashes wet or sweaty for twelve hours and avoid all oil based products while your lashes are on as this will break down the lash glue much faster, causing them to fall out. Be gentle and try not to rub or pull your lashes. A non-oil based eye makeup remover is recommended for removing any makeup around your eye area. Brushing them with a disposable wand (we provide one) as needed will help keep your lashes looking beautiful daily.

Before your tan:

Exfoliate at least the day before and complete all waxing or shaving the night before your spray tan.

Arrive wearing loose clothing and footwear with clean, fresh skin. Do not apply any perfume, deodorant, or body lotions and wear no makeup if wanting your face tanned lightly.



For best results and a long-lasting tan, it is recommended to delay your first shower for a minimum of eight hours, or sleep with your tan on overnight. Your tan will darken up over the eight hours but all excess tan will wash off after your first shower and you will be left with a nice natural glow. During these eight hours avoid all contact with water/rain or showers and avoid exercise. Shower excess tan off after eight hours, patting yourself dry afterwards.


Tips for longer lasting tan:

- Pat yourself dry from shower

- Wear loose clothing to bed

- Use a gradual tanner or tanning moose every second day to keep your tan looking good for up to 4 weeks.

- Regular exercise and excess showering will cause your tan to fade more quickly.

- Use a Hydrating body lotion daily and sulphate-free shower gel.

Before: Discontinue the use of all active products two days prior (such products that contain AHAs, BHAs, Vitamin A and all exfoliating products) Avoid mixed use of different brands of active skincare products as this can cause more damage than good.

After: We recommend No heat in the area such as excessive exercise, spa's/sauna's or hot showers (on the area being treated). No active skincare for at least 3 days. Following your treatment you may experience light flaking, crusting or slight temporary redness. Please avoid touching, picking or rubbing your skin. A SPF30+ minimum sunscreen needs to be used to protect the new skin layers and it is recommended to use a good moisturiser following your treatment to protect the lipid barrier of your skin.

Some contraindications to having certain treatments done may include: Warfarin, Roaccutane, chemotherapy medication, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, fish oils, cold sores, open skin, recent waxing, or if you have had any of the following treatments done in the past two weeks: injectable fillers, laser or excessive skin exfoliation treatments.

booking enquiries

We always recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment, especially on our late nights and Saturdays as these spaces book up very fast. We offer a cancellation waiting list for clients wanting specific times and days that are already booked.


Please arrive ten minutes prior to your appointment so that you can unwind and relax prior to your treatment. If you are new to Exquisite we will give you a five minute client care form to fill out prior to your treatment to ensure we give you the best service possible and an experience specially tailored to you.


Please refer to our cancelation policy for more information on cancelations.

To ensure there is no inconvenience for our next client and they are not kept waiting, your appointment treatment time will be reduce but we will try do our best to complete your entire treatment where possible.

No. Gift vouchers can be used on our products and services only. You are more than welcome to swap the treatment stated on the voucher for another treatment of the same value, or pay extra to use it on another more expensive service of your choice.

We accept all major credit cards, EFTPOS and cash, We do not accept cheques. All treatments must be paid in full on the day or prior to your appointment. We reserve the right to charge interest of 5% per month on any outstanding payment due.

Yes, you can instantly book online here Book online.

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